[Podcast #222] Becoming a Critical Thinker with Julie Bogart

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When you’re cultivating a critical thinking space, you want to create a supportive, emotionally safe environment. -Julie Bogart

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available to us today?

In this Brave Writer podcast episode, we delve into the critical need for fostering critical thinking skills in our children to navigate this complex landscape.

Show Notes

Understanding the Challenge

In an era where traditional journalism is intertwined with alternative media, discerning truth becomes increasingly challenging. Our children are growing up in a world where information is tailored by algorithms, creating echo chambers that often reinforce biases.

Equipping Our Children with Tools

To counter this, we emphasize the importance of teaching children to question and analyze information. It’s not just about understanding the content, but also the intent behind it. We believe in nurturing an environment where children feel safe to question, explore different perspectives, and critically analyze the information they receive.

Practical Applications

Through real-life examples, like a simple visit to the dentist, we illustrate how critical thinking can be applied in everyday situations. It’s about teaching our children to:

  • distinguish between being critical and identifying crucial information,
  • understanding various perspectives,
  • and recognizing underlying motives.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Critical thinking flourishes in an environment free from pressure and judgment. We discuss strategies to create a space where children can openly express their thoughts and ideas without fear of rejection or evaluation.

As we navigate this age of information overload, equipping our children with critical thinking skills is more crucial than ever. By doing so, we prepare them not only to discern truth in their immediate world but also to become thoughtful, informed citizens of the global community.


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