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Home education is bringing learning to all of life—trusting the process, trusting our families, trusting ourselves.

That awful word “trust.” Trust sounds so risky, doesn’t it?

Like, how careless would I be to “trust” a process or my family or even myself? I want certainty! I want guarantees!

Alas—the fact of life is you can’t count on outcomes. But perhaps—just perhaps—you can count on resources to be there for you, however.

The whole energy of being human is to do everything in your power to mitigate risk! Avoid the warthog, get out of the blizzard, and never watch twaddle TV like SpongeBob Squarepants!

Everything Can Teach Anything

Yet, the truth is—learning abounds even in those risky, unnerving, or spurious moments of your life! Trust simply means that you believe you have enough resources to meet challenges and to transform experiences into learning.

Homeschooling is built on trust. I’m here to tell you that you have everything you need to be good at it—

  • community,
  • libraries,
  • curriculum that works for you,
  • friends who will troubleshoot your thorniest problems,
  • and your own bright mind that knows how to google when the going gets tough!

Trust is possible because you can always find what you need—you are NOT alone or without tools and support.

I trust you!

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