Brave Writer Precept #11: Personally Meaningful Achievements

Brave Writer Precept

The eleventh Brave Writer precept is: Our children experience their achievements as personally meaningful.

The most important part of a child’s education is how well they value it. When a child values what they’re learning, they retain the lesson.

We can teach our kids to master the skills to pass tests, to get good grades, and to be excellent students. That’s not the same as valuing what you’re learning.

Tune In

The way education becomes meaningful to a child is for that child to feel a personal connection to what they’re learning. In Brave Writer, when we teach writing and critical thinking and history and math, we focus on how a child can make a connection that is meaningful to that child.

When you choose to be a Home Educator, that opportunity lays before you as a big blank canvas. No one else tells you what to put into your child’s academic life. If you want the results of school, reproduce school. If you want a personally meaningful education, tune in to your child and to learning.

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