[Podcast #206] Put Your Kids in the Driver’s Seat!

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Have you ever stopped to marvel at the unique skills and knowledge your children possess? Sometimes, they have these fascinating insights about their favorite TV show or a little trick they’ve learned to make the perfect dessert. It’s got me thinking—our children can be our teachers too!

Put your kids in the driver’s seat and watch learning flourish!

Today on the Brave Writer podcast, we’re going to dive deep into the idea of letting our children become our educators and the beautiful transformations this role reversal can bring about for both sides.

Show Notes

Learning As a Family Journey

Traditionally, teaching is seen as a one-way street, with educators or parents imparting wisdom to their young learners. This perspective often loaded me with pressure, making me feel like I had the sole responsibility to mold my child into the ‘ideal student.’ But what if there’s another way?

Imagine letting our kids “take the driver’s seat,” teaching us in subjects they’re passionate about. It not only boosts their confidence but also offers us a fresh lens—seeing the world anew through their eyes.

One concept I’ve been mulling over is “learning in public.” It’s about letting our kids see us try, stumble, and then rise again. By showing them our vulnerable moments, they learn that mistakes and setbacks are stepping stones to success.

When I took this approach to reading, I discovered the essence of “elaboration”—integrating new knowledge into what we already know. It’s a powerful way to enrich understanding and memory, echoing Charlotte Mason’s “science of relations.”

Unpacking the Power of Teaching

When our kids wear the educator’s hat, they aren’t just sharing knowledge. They’re honing diverse skills from analytical thinking to emotional intelligence. My son, Noah, is a great example. His love for board games laid the foundation for his journey in programming.

I’ve also learned the importance of being an engaged listener. It builds an environment where children feel cherished and heard. A method I love is the “pretend podcast interview.” By prompting them with open-ended questions, their enthusiasm lights up, making them delve deeper into their passions.

One of my cherished memories is exploring astronomy with my son Jacob. His passion turned my indifference into awe. Just like a mother who, after attending a conference, developed a newfound respect for her son’s bug collection. We need to make room for our kids to have interests that intimidate us. These shared learning moments are pure gold.

Fostering a Playful Learning Environment

Melissa and I often discuss the need for a vibrant, light-hearted approach to learning. By instilling joy into the process, we pave the way for our kids to embrace risks and cherish every step of their educational journey.

To capture the magic of mutual learning, it’s crucial to build an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and encouragement. This environment not only uplifts our kids but rejuvenates us as parents, turning the entire learning experience into a cherished adventure.

So, dear readers, let’s occasionally switch roles and let our children guide the way!


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