When to Change Course

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ALL that matters is that you not persist in a program that deadens the life and learning capacity of your child. If either of you aren’t happy and energized…it’s over.

Remember: you are cultivating a LIFE. Your child’s experience of learning is the key to a healthy, valuable education.

Try all the tricks:

  • candles,
  • tea,
  • cookies,
  • back rubs,
  • blanket forts,
  • twinkle lights,
  • moving the lesson outside,
  • music,
  • petting the dog.

If the program continues to oppress, however, and deaden the atmosphere of the home, there is NO price you paid for it worth ruining your daily lives. See the cost as R&D (research and development).

Change course.

Notice what energizes and move toward THAT.

You have plenty of time to learn. That said, don’t waste your precious days harming your children’s feelings about learning.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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