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You know what feels like magic to kids?

Seeing their own words on a page!

That magical moment when thought gets preserved in writing is as big as the first word your child spoke. But this time, the CHILD is as enamored of their own linguistic power. They get to feel the wonder of seeing their ideas and words valued on the page!

This process can begin even when a child is still learning to handwrite, read, and spell. It’s possible to have the experience of being an author as a little rascal!

Introducing Brave Writer’s Emerging Writers Bundle!

The Emerging Writers Bundle:

  • Provides a compelling read aloud for every month of the school year
  • Supports the growth of your early readers and hand writers
  • Gives meaningful writing activities that kids love (like secret codes, designing their own island chain, and creating a catalog for a history research project)
  • Teaches YOU how to teach original writing—from soup to nuts—every step from idea generation to first drafts to revision to editing and polishing!

This program is our most flexible. My kids did these activities all together when the age range was 6—13 years old. It’s also our most popular bundle!

Brave Writer Bundles

We have materials for every age and stage of development. Join Brave Writer this year for an amazing writing program!

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Brave Writer Bundles

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