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At Brave Writer, we believe that writing is at the heart of education. Our approach is to teach kids to write by reading books they’ll love, and organically – but methodically – bringing up discussions that expand upon how the books were written.

The focus of today’s podcast discussion is the youngest among us: those just embarking on their literary journey, learning to read and write for the first time.

We’re going to delve deep into the fascinating process of developing the Quill, our groundbreaking educational tool specifically tailored for children aged five to seven. The Quill aims to foster early literacy and numeracy skills, providing an engaging foundation upon which children can build as they learn phonics, handwriting, and basic computation. It goes beyond traditional education methods, inviting children into the world of reading, writing, and math through:

  • tactile experiences,
  • thought puzzles,
  • and experiments.

This all-encompassing approach has seen the Quill become a beloved part of the Brave Writer program, loved not just by young learners, but older kids who gain tremendous value from revisiting the foundations of literacy.

Show Notes

What is the Quill?

The Quill is a comprehensive program comprising two writing activities, two reading activities, and two math activities. These thoughtfully curated tasks equip parents with the tools they need to facilitate their child’s development of pre-literacy skills.

In fostering the early stages of writing, the Quill encourages parents to transcribe their child’s thoughts and ideas. It’s important to note that this is not a conventional phonics or handwriting program. Rather, it is a supplement to such programs, enriching a child’s educational journey through physical kinesthetic learning.

The Quill emphasizes the development of fine and gross motor skills, print awareness, book anatomy, letter recognition, vocabulary development, and background knowledge. Furthermore, it inspires parents to kindle learning through big, engaging conversations, exploring questions driven by natural curiosity and thereby creating a more organic and engaging learning environment.

What do you get inside of the Quill?

Within the Quill, you will find a comprehensive guide to engaging educational conversations with your children, akin to the process of preparing for a podcast interview. The program begins with an introduction and a preview of the concepts to be covered, accompanied by a suggested thematic book list.

Each section of the Quill contains two activities, coupled with an introduction and a planning box for parents. These activities are intended to be completed over the course of a month, encouraging the repeated exploration of concepts in different contexts and iterations. Importantly, the activities in the Quill are not intended as one-off exercises, but as springboards for a multitude of learning experiences, sparking interest in a range of subjects from science and art to history.

The themes for the Quill

Themes within the Quill are thoughtfully chosen to resonate with children aged five to seven. Some of the exciting themes include:

  • under the sea,
  • inventions and adventures,
  • music and song lyrics,
  • weather focusing on clouds,
  • superheroes and heroes,
  • farm life,
  • space focusing on planets,
  • pets,
  • and flowers.

It uses a combination of fiction and nonfiction in learning in order to add depth, context, and nuance to the child’s understanding of the topic.

Using the Quill alongside older kids

Despite being tailored for younger children, the Quill can easily be adapted for older learners, proving its versatility. By pairing the Quill activities with other resources, such as related literature for older children, parents can cater to a range of age groups.

Writing is threaded through every part of education. By learning the principles of good writing through Brave Writer, your kids will start to incorporate that learning across their entire curriculum. And now is a great time to get started!


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