Bring Your Kids Along

Brave Writer Bring Your Kids Along

Go forth and be interested in life! And bring your kids along. They’ll thank you for it when they get older.

Nothing is more enticing than an adult’s activities that feel a little beyond the current skills of your child.

  • Hiking
  • Using binoculars
  • Running the stand alone mixer
  • Sewing on a machine
  • Drilling holes in the wall
  • Painting the deck furniture
  • Polishing the furniture with Pledge
  • Loading up the bikes to hit the bike trail
  • Designing a website
  • Building IKEA bookcases
  • Slathering papier-mache on a balloon


Get off your phones and do something that is difficult for you! Let your kids come along. Hand them the tool, show them how to focus the lens of your DSLR camera, walk through a museum of art whispering to each other, groom the dog together.

The more you involve your kids in the miracle of being human, the more they learn. The more they enjoy what they learn, the more they trust you to keep bringing them that steady diet of the really good stuff.

Live your life, involve your kids, build trust, learn.

Start there.

This post is originally from Instagram and @juliebravewriter is my account there so come follow along for more conversations like this one!

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