Let Kids Surprise You

Brave Writer Let Kids Surprise You

Give your kids the chance to surprise you. The next time someone asks you to look at what they are reading, doing, seeing, STOP—and read, watch, be interested. Get inside that amazing mind of your child. It is all mystery and surprise in there!

Let your child interrupt your life long enough to surprise you!

If a child asks you to come watch what they’re doing on a video game or to watch the magic trick they just learned or to see the knitting they’re attempting, stop what you’re doing. It does mean putting down the phone or turning off the stove or walking out of the bedroom while you’re making the bed.

  • Go directly to the child.
  • Focus your attention on their “thing.”
  • Stay until you are moved, impressed, touched, or delighted.

The key move is: Go to your child and don’t make them wait.

See what happens!

By the way, you can’t do this all day every day for every child and every request. So try it once a day and rotate children. Make a note on your calendar or on a phone app so that you know you’ve done it and for whom.

Be open to changing your behavior in response to a child’s request and be surprised by what happens next.

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