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There’s no expiration date on an education.

Lifelong learning means you keep learning for your entire life.

Remember: you don’t have to squeeze it all in by 18. Leave some treasures to be discovered in adulthood.

I didn’t read Jane Austen until my 30s. What a treat! Not ruined by some English class before I was ready to enjoy her wit and insight.

The world has so much beauty and endless riches.

Your job as your children’s educational guide is to make some introductions and whet their appetites.

College is not only valuable at 18. In fact, it can be well argued that starting university at 20 or later is more beneficial to lots of kids (if at all)!

Learn as you go.

Take the byways.

Trust the process.

There are no educational emergencies. One day, one book, one idea, one experience at a time.

You’re never too late. You’re right on time.

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