May Day Sale + 3 Tips for Using Growing Brave Writers!

May 1, 2023 – ONE DAY ONLY

Growing Brave Writers sale has now expired.

May is a super time to jump in!

Here are some tips for using Growing Brave Writers at the end of the year! 

1. Freewriting

Go directly to the Freewriting chapter.

This chapter offers 25 pages of effective freewriting practices—including feedback strategies to help your young writer grow!

  • Banish writer’s block.
  • Select engaging writing topics with your child.
  • Give effective (helpful!) feedback based on effort, content, and curiosity.
  • Troubleshoot writing resistance.
  • Learn strategies for struggling hand-writers. 

And that’s just one chapter! There are 236 pages to explore! 

2. Revise and Edit End-of-Year Samples

Use effective revision and editing strategies in Chapters 8 and 9 to polish end-of-year writing samples.

These easy-to-impliment practices will help you and your child end the year on a high note!

3. End-of-Year Reports

Utilize sample narrative sketches and word banks throughout to help you write end-of-year reports.

Plan from behind by giving you and your child credit for what you’ve achieved this year—even when it does not look like “school.” The sample sketches and word banks give you the language your need to write end-of-year reports with ease.

Growing Brave Writers is the tool you need no matter where you are in your homeschool journey—kids from ages 5–18! 

Growing Brave Writers

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