What’s Your Summer Strategy?

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Look into the distance… Do you see it? Sun, sand, and… “I’m bored!”

That’s right. Summer is on the horizon!  

Poll: What’s your summer strategy?

  1. Keep it chill and keep ‘em busy
  2. Try something new
  3. Maintain our progress
  4. Mama needs to rest
  5. Prep for September

Ready to lock in your answer? 

Now let me show you how to use our summer roster of online classes to make your selection work. 

Psst! Read to the end to find out about our special summer sale!

Your Results

If you selected…

Keep it chill and  keep ‘em busy

Our summer classes last a short enough time frame that you can commit and then take a nice break when it’s over. These classes are 3-4 week bursts

Try something new!

It’s the perfect time to see how you like our approach. Start with classes with a new spin on old topics

Maintain our progress

No one wants to start from scratch in September! These classes bridge the gap by letting students practice the writing process from start to finish.

Mama needs to rest

I hear that! Have a deep dive into a favorite subject pre-planned and executed for you. Our instructors give kind, productive, thorough feedback to your kids! Available at all times for questions. 

Prep for September

Certain thinking and writing skills need to be cultivated through exploratory exercises before we can expect students to take big leaps. Let us set your student up for success

Another way you can prepare for next year? By taking advantage of our summer sale! Read on for more details.

Summer registration opens Monday, May 8 at noon Eastern Time.

Complete Summer Class Schedule

Want to see our classes up close? Check out our sample classroom

Summer Sale!🌞

Maybe you love our classes and want to try our approach with products…

Maybe you love our products and want to try a class…

Maybe you’re just someone who loves a SALE. I do!

This is the best deal we’ve ever offered on year-long subscriptions.

Register for a class between May 8th – May 30th to receive a coupon for $20 off your year-long subscription to Quill, Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, Slingshot, or one of our bundles when purchased in June

  • May class signup.
  • June product purchase.
  • Language arts for the 2023-2024 school year, sorted!

BONUSFree membership in the Brave Learner Home. Purchasing a QDABS subscription in June with this coupon gets you the lowest entry point into our online coaching community. The best offer all year!

Get your $20 off QDABS subscriptions or bundle purchase by registering for a class May 8th-May 30th only. Registration opens at noon Eastern on May 8th!

*Note: This sale applies only to class registrations purchased May 8th – May 30th. 

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