Brave Writer Boot Camp! 

Brave Writer

Learn the Brave Writer method by doing it. 

Yes! Our writing coach plus YOU and your child (ages 9-14) work together in Brave Writer 101: Guided Writing Process.

Curious what this online course entails? The whole writing process, start to finish!

Week One: Communication

Share the needs and challenges that you and your child have over writing and get individualized help from your coach. Next, you and your kids play a game to learn about how writers communicate. 

“[My son] loves this. He said it really helped him see how important details are.” —Parent Laura

Week Two: Observation

Wish your kids would generate deeper insights? More vivid descriptions? Feel like they have no fuel for writing? We practice finding things to say and putting them into words on the page.

“I am seeing some happiness around observing, and selecting words which is great!” —Parent Fabienne

Week Three: Freewriting

We introduce a magical process that liberates so many kids. Freewriting puts your kids in the driver’s seat. This week shocks so many parents: wow, my kid is WRITING

“We’d agreed that he’d write for five minutes – but I didn’t see him again for over twenty.” —Parent Sonja

Week Four: Freewriting and Feedback for Revision

The writing process gets tense for parents when feedback is warranted. Watch our writing coach approach your child’s writing with constructive advice and gentle encouragement.

“By the end of Week Four… it became the first thing she wanted to do every day…” —Parent Jennifer

Week Five: Revision

Learn how to revise by doing it—with our help. We cover different ways you and your child can improve a piece of writing of their choice. Without any tears!

“Our instructor was a terrific model to me on how to lavish my writer with feedback and how to ask excellent questions to help draw my writer out.” —Parent Allison

Week Six: Editing

The final polish-up! We started with raw communication (the essence of writing!) and we’ll finish with making that priceless jewel shine! 

“I didn’t get resistance on this exercise at all… [He] seemed to enjoy this type of editing.” —Parent Amanda

That’s it—the writing process! Don’t wait for the next writing opportunity. It’s time to get started with Brave Writer.

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