Brave Writer Classes: Customer Appreciation 12 Hour Sale

Brave Writer Online Classes

These last two years… Phew. We’ve made it through a very difficult time. 

And you’re still with us! We want to say THANK YOU!

Mark your calendar for December 5th. It’s our Customer Appreciation 12 Hour Sale.

We’ve got discounts ON OUR 4 MOST POPULAR CORE CLASSES. 

(I know, we never discount our class offerings. That’s how grateful we are!)

Two Discounted Bundles

On Registration Day ONLY, we are offering two discounted bundles.

You will get 12% OFF:

Brave Writer 101 and Brave Writer 102 when purchased together

Essay Writing 101 and Essay Writing 102 when purchased together

Available when you register on December 5, 2022 ONLY.

Set your watch! Your phone! Your alarm clock!

Registration opens at 12 PM ET. It ends at midnight eastern.

Here’s a handy time converter if you need it! 

Psst…Live in a different time zone that makes it hard to register at 12 PM ET on December 5th? We can help! Email us.

Reasons why you should take a Brave Writer class:

Drum roll! 

  • See what the hype is all about! There is NO ONE like us in the homeschool space.
  • No big commitments. Classes run 3-6 weeks.
  • Support 24/7. Our team is always here to help you! 
  • Did we mention the sale?
  • Our coaches KNOW homeschooling—we get you!
  • Short burst of focused writing—guilt-free breaks from writing follow!
  • Free membership to our Brave Learner Home community.
  • Individualized feedback tailored to your child’s personality, abilities, and imagination.
  • Kids learn best in accepting, gentle environments. We’re great at that!
  • Did we mention there’s a SALE? Now’s the right time to sign up!

2023 Winter/Spring Class Schedule

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