Disrupt the Schedule

Brave Writer

When asked what kids remember most fondly about their childhoods, not once in human history has a child recalled the careful and successful adherence to a schedule.

I know some of you are literally in love with your planners and gel pens. And you may look back at your 30s recalling the joy of planning everyone’s days within an inch of their lives.

But your kids… not so much! They’re going to remember the one day you blew up the schedule…and let them build Minecraft worlds with their sibling for an entire day.

How do I know?

Because when I asked Noah what his favorite childhood memory was, he told me playing Bolo, a tank computer game, with his brother Jacob for an entire day when he was 10.

So yeah.

What’s that one thing they want to do with unfettered access? Without interruption or limits?

Go forth and disrupt the schedule once in a while and create some truly memorable memories.

It’s okay. You can go back to your routine after the chaos (read: fun) is over.

It’s not going anywhere.

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