Brave Learner Home: September 2022

Brave Learner Home

Julie’s kids: Caitrin, Jacob, Liam, Johannah, Noah

How much joy is happening in your homeschool?

Stop. Scan your environment.

  • Do you see joy around you?
  • Are your children engaged and deeply involved?

Inside each of us is a natural desire to learn. Yet sometimes that drive gets snuffed out through systematized education.

Good news!

That love of learning can be rekindled.

We know through research that joy and learning are deeply connected. Join us in Brave Learner Home for our September Master Class and webinar, we’ll help you bring joy and skill development together.

Joy IS the best teacher. Together, let’s discover more joy in your homeschool.

  • September Webinar: Joy is the Best Teacher
  • RESCHEDULED: Wednesday, September 21 at 4:00 pm (Eastern)

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