Elementary Writing: Nonfiction Books

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It’s here! The online class you requested for your littles.

Elementary Writing: Nonfiction Books!

Preheat the oven. Add the flour, crack the egg. You’re halfway through making a cake. 

BRRRRRING! Your timer goes off. Wipe off your hands, it’s time to do laundry!

Midway through folding the soft, warm towels… BRRRING! Stop, it’s time to send that email.

What is all this random dinging, you ask? It’s the bell, telling you it’s time to move on so you can get through your to-do list! 

Sound ridiculous? It’s how most of us did our schooling when we were younger! 

  • BELL! Math
  • BELL! English literature
  • BELL! Eat your lunch
  • BELL! Science
  • BELL! History
  • BELL! You can go home.

It’s part of a system that needs to accommodate hundreds of kids. Do you need such a system in your home? I’d say not! (By the way, other models of schooling ditch the compartments too: Montessori, Waldorf, Forest Schools…)

Real-life learning doesn’t get parceled out into different subjects. The most effective learning is the type where as many different connections are made as possible. 

You have that advantage. Your KIDS have that advantage.

We see that opportunity and we want to help you use it, especially with your youngest learners.

Enter Elementary Writing: Nonfiction Books!

Reading and writing doesn’t always need to be fiction. In fact, we can make even more sparks and connections by bringing in other subjects.

For this online class, topics can be anything that interests: science, art, cooking, history—the sky’s the limit! 

Why this class is a deal:

  • This is a family class with one tuition for the whole gang. 
  • YOU learn a lot since you’ll check in with your personal coach each week to get ideas about how to talk and write about the topic in a way that matches your kids’ natural stages of growth in writing.
  • Two-for-one. Three-for-one! You can take this class and count it toward both writing and whatever other subjects your nonfiction explorations take you.
  • It’s a deep dive. Cross-curricular. Interest-led. The type that can’t be done in traditional school.  

Join us!

Brave Writer Online Classes

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