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You’re trying to think about all of the things you need to accomplish, not just in a day, but over the course of your child’s life—from birth to adulthood? Eating, walking, reading, writing, riding a bike, instilling good morals… the list goes on! And homeschooling only adds more of that responsibility onto your plate. It can be so overwhelming.

So how do we plan a life that accounts for each child’s personal needs and gets them to the finish line of adulthood well-educated, behaved, kind, and ready to live life on their own?

We do it one thing at a time.

Show Notes

Research shows that multitasking, that thing so many of us love to do—it feels so efficient!—is actually a myth. It isn’t real. What we’re really doing while multitasking is rapidly switching between two tasks, not doing two things at once. The worst part is that each time we switch, we’re losing efficiency and focus. We’re doing two things poorly.

When you want to have success in parenting or homeschooling, you need your deep, attentive focus state.

We want our material to do the instructing for us, and we are just there for supervision. This is called “open and go” curriculum. The problem is that, just like a car, if you’re not paying attention to where you’re steering, you’re going to crash. If you’re not present to the content, you can’t guarantee that your child is going to end up at the right destination. So what do you do? You use The One Thing Principle.

The One Thing Principle says this: Use the deep attention focus state to accomplish your most important goals in parenting and educating.

Remember: we are home educators. We are not recreating school. One of the biggest advantages to being at home is the ability to go in-depth when studying or pursuing an interest. With this principle, we can do so guilt-free.


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