It’s Here: Growing Brave Writers!

It’s here! Growing Brave Writers is ready for purchase and immediate download.

I’ll be giving a webinar to train you how to use Growing Brave Writers today (July 15) at 4:00 PM ET. It’s not too late to register and attend live if you have lingering questions or want to hear tips and tricks for use!

Growing Brave Writers changes everything.

No more blank stares and blank pages.

Kids discover they have stuff worth saying AND writing!

Parents stop obsessing over the parts of writing that don’t matter and tune into the parts that do!

EVERYONE discovers that writing can be as natural and pleasurable as speaking.

What’s inside?

  1. Clear instructions
  2. Fantastic easy-to-understand activities that can be done again and again
  3. Checklists for self esteem
  4. Word banks of skills that your kids are learning
  5. Sample narrative sketches to use with charter schools or/and any sources of accountability
  6. Models and guidance for expectations across age groups

It works. I promise.

Growing Brave Writers

Growing Brave Writers

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