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Growing Brave Writers


This is the official Q&A for Growing Brave Writers

What’s new in GBW?

 Glad you asked!

  • Coaching Guides written to YOU in each chapter
  • User-friendly Activities in each chapter laid out in step-by-step instructions
  • Assessment tools for each chapter
    • A Checklist for Self-Esteem (so you can feel good about what you get done)
    • A Word Bank to track scope and sequence requirements (if you have them)
    • A Narrative Sketch sample to help you write one for your student
  • A chapter called, How to Use GBW: with kids in schools & co-ops and across the curriculum
  • Beautiful design, wide margins for notes, and motivational quotes at the top of each chapter

Does GBW meet school standards for writing instruction?

You bet it does!

Growing Brave Writers was designed with much care to address the most important markers in learning to write. Our team consulted the most current research into writing instruction while also drawing on over 20 years of experience teaching students.

You can know that your students will become effective writers in any environment once they have worked through all the writing processes.

Over 100,000 students have used our methods!

Does GBW work with learning-challenged students?

Exceptionally well!

The beauty of this system is that it is tailored to the developmental stage of growth of each unique child (not grade level) including your children with language challenges. That means you can meet your child where they are without pushing them to be further along. Each practice is easily modified for any learner. 

Parents who have children with language delays or learning disabilities have found these methods to be absolutely liberating!

Growing Brave Writers

What if I’m not good at writing?

You’re my favorites!

As you teach your child, you will heal your own poor relationship with writing. You may even discover a long-lost love of writing once you are set free from the memory of painful writing instruction in your youth.

Truly: if you are a blocked writer yourself, remember the method that failed you. Do not apply that method to your child! Try ours—it’s a completely different approach than schools take. And it works.

You’ll love these activities!

Can I use GBW with multiple kids at multiple ages?

You sure can!

In fact, that’s the beauty of this program. It’s designed for family use. Each activity can be easily modified up or down to adapt to your young writer. Not only that, each activity can be used again at the next stage of growth for greater and greater skill development.

How long does it take to work through GBW?

About one school year.

If you do each activity in a row, following the instructions, it will take about a single school year to work through the entire program. That said, these are activities and tools that are meant to be used until college! Growing Brave Writers is a program that will be a resource to you throughout the entirety of your children’s academic career. A fantastic investment!

What if I want a print copy?

I have great news for you!

Brave Writer has entered a partnership with The Homeschool Printing Company!

When you print with them, they give you a high-quality printed copy at a low price, and they put you at the front of the line for printing! (USA only) The link to our special print form with them is located in the purchase link below!

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Thanks for all your questions!

Still have a few more? Email us at and our warm, eager-to-serve customer service team will reply to your particular situation.

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