Podcast: Growing Reading & Writing Comprehension with Rita Cevasco, Pt. 2

Brave Writer Podcast

We’re continuing our conversation with the brilliant Rita Cevasco! In case you missed out last podcast episode with the owner and creator of Rooted in Language, go listen to it now.

In this second part, we dive into practical steps to help your kids learn to read.

We talk about:

  • the difference in offerings between Brave Writer and Rooted in Language,
  • who the Pinwheels program is for and what they’ll learn,
  • and how reading comprehension affects kids’ recognition in all areas.

Show Notes

One philosophy that both Brave Writer and Rooted in Language share in common is that learning happens best in relationship and that over time it will grow into independent learning. Having conversations with other people helps us to deepen our understanding of an idea.

Learning can often feel like rote memorization, especially when it comes to reading. But when teaching is approached from a place of understanding the core concepts behind what they are learning, kids realize how much they have to gain from what they are learning and how they can apply it to all aspects of their life.

No one does what Rita and Rooted in Language do for learning challenged kids. They want effective learning, not busy work. They know what facilitates deep learning and what’s going to truly make a difference—especially for kids who are already burnt out with other forms of learning that didn’t work for them. And when you, as a parent, understand the tools, you are in the best position to take them and apply them to your kids in a way that makes sense.


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