Brave Learner Home: June 2022

Brave Learner Home

As a homeschool parent, do you ever feel the heavy weight of:

  • showing progress,
  • measuring,
  • benchmarking,
  • and comparing your children to a standard? 

Whether you’re required to formally measure your child’s progress or not (it depends on where you live), the mindset is so dominant in our society, it can feel impossible to shake.

In Brave Learner Home, we’ll show you ways to more holistically “measure” your child’s progress—from the inside out!

We’ve got the perfect Master Class coming up in June to help you do just that! We’ll explore:

  • whether school standards are good benchmarks for homeschooled kids
  • how you can know if your kids really are making progress! 

Issy Buston of Stark Raving Dad joins us for a webinar in Brave Learner Home to talk about a different view of progress.

  • Measuring Your Child’s Progress from the Inside Out with Issy Buston
  • Thursday, June 9 at 7:00 pm (Eastern)

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