Brave Learner Home: April 2022

Brave Learner Home

What if you could help your kids learn science from your current read aloud? Or from picture books, or novels, or nonfiction—any children’s book. Yes, it’s possible!

The April Master Class in Brave Learner Home will teach you how!

Our webinar speakers, Valerie Bang-Jensen, Ph.D. and Mark Lubkowitz, Ph.D. co-authored a book, Sharing Books, Talking Science: Exploring Scientific Concepts with Children’s Literature, which helps us parents “see” the science in children’s literature. With this insight, along with time and practice, we can begin to think like a scientist—and our kids can, too!

Valerie and Mark will show us how to explore seven foundational science concepts with children’s literature. 

Both professors at Saint Michael’s College, our speakers bring with them over twenty years of experience in exploring the natural partnership between science and children’s literature. Their webinar will teach us how to help our learners think, talk, and read like scientists. 

Join us for our April Master Class webinar:

  • Sharing Books, Talking Science
  • Thursday, April 14 at 7:00 pm (Eastern)

Just imagine: sharing your favorite books and covering science at the same time!

As brave learners, we know this is another opportunity to help our children learn everything through anything!

Brave Learner Home

Brave Learner Home

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