2022 Summer Class Schedule

Brave Writer Summer Classes

Want to change things up and try something new?

Summer is a great time to experiment! 

We know that kids NEVER stop learning! Heck, those of you in the southern hemisphere will be deep into your school year by June.

That’s why we’re offering more online classes in June-August than ever before.

The Summer 2022 Online Writing Class Schedule Is Up!

Hate hearing “I’m bored”? Summer experiences are ripe for writing!

We hear from families that a Brave Writer class is a GAME CHANGER! 

In one course he has moved from being my most writing-resistant child to publicly announcing his love of writing and choosing to do it in his free time. Yes, let’s repeat that—writing in his free time! —Teresa, parent to Ryan

Imagine your online-gaming, TV-watching child excited to:

  • Open a computer to write with peers
  • Deep dive into a subject because there are no other subjects competing for attention
  • Sharpen writing and thinking skills
  • Embark on projects tailor-made to that child’s interests
  • Give attention to a skill set that needs extra TLC

That’s what Brave Writer’s summer online writing classes offer you and your kids. 

Here’s the honest truth. We’re different from other programs. Brave Writer is all about personal investment and connection. Our instructors give you a deep commitment of time and gentle instruction that leads to happy, improved writers.

Registration for summer opens Monday, June 6 at noon Eastern Time. Set your calendar reminder now!

Want to see our classes up close? Check out our sample classroom

We’ve never offered this many classes in a summer session! We want there to be room for YOU! Take a look at our schedule and set an intention: you WILL get around to writing this summer.

Summer Class Schedule

Brave Writer Online Classes

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