Be Involved

Be Involved

The best learning happens in partnership, and you are your child’s best resource for learning bar none. So be involved. Pay attention. Care. Share.

A kind, caring adult has resources, knowledge of the world, and transportation—aka, money, experience, and a car. (And not necessarily YOUR money, experiences, and cars—we rely on all kinds of helps from others who have these—it’s just that YOU are your child’s connection to that wider world.) These three in combination are what make it possible for your child to learn everything under the sun.

Partnering with your child is NOT:

  • Cheating
  • Creating dependence
  • Babying your child

Partnership means providing the corresponding support to the presenting need.

That’s it!

You can parent and educate the whole way through if you remember that axiom. A little time, a little research, a little money, a little love, a little collaboration, a little vision—offer these freely and often to your kids. Watch their love of learning bloom.

Withhold at your peril. Kids who are on their own too soon, too often, with too few resources develop a scarcity mindset and scale their imaginations accordingly.

Help them see vast possibilities for their lives by partnering with them.

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