Cozy Reads for December

December Cozy Reads

We’ve got a big sale coming up on Cyber Monday! Biggest one in 3 years.

If you were wanting a complete language arts bundle, get ready now.

If you feel ready to jump into one of our writing project programs, do your research now!

Even more, we know how much you love a chance to stock up on Literature Singles—those amazing tools (Dart, Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot) we offer you to make teaching language arts natural and enjoyable.

There’s a “find the right product” selector on the home page of the store, too, if you need help.

For those who are new or are looking for some guidance, we’ve got a collection of options for you that feature December holidays and seasons.

Cozy December Reads

December is bursting with holidays! Whether you celebrate just one or many, it’s often a busy time of year. How can you enjoy a cozy and delight-filled time, while also making a dent in your homeschool plans? We can help!

We’ve gathered a selection of delightful reads that also happen to have Brave Writer mechanics and literature handbooks to accompany them.

Dart (ages 8–10)

Arrow (ages 11–12)

Boomerang (ages 13–14)

You get to snuggle on the couch, read an engaging book, connect with your kids, AND have the lesson planning done for you! Wins all around!

These handbooks cover:

  • grammar,
  • punctuation,
  • spelling and vocabulary, 
  • literary devices, 
  • writer’s craft, 
  • literary analysis (Boomerang), 
  • and include book club party ideas you may even want to incorporate into your holiday celebrations. 

Quick Tips for using these handbooks during the holidays: 

  • Select just one or two passages for copywork or dictation.
  • Simply discuss the passages and save the copywork for another time (revisiting books you’ve read before is great for recalling and reminiscing). 
  • Pick one book for the family to read aloud and adjust the copywork and dictation up or down for your children. 
  • Watch the movie then read the book. Compare the two. (This works especially well for the Boomerang-level books.) 

What’s that? You’ve read all of these titles! Check out the Literature Singles page for more choices—we have over 200 issues to choose from!

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