Brave Learner Home: December 2021

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Curriculum too predictable?
Kids want something different?
In search of hands-on learning for an active, artistic, or engineering kid?
Need something tangible to show progress?

Here’s the secret sauce: Project Time! 

Project Time helps parents find productive space between their own agenda for homeschooling and following a child’s interests. 

Dedicated project time (and space!) creates opportunities for our children to build their self-awareness as kids explore:

  • What excites or interests me? 
  • What does meaningful work feel like to me? 
  • What are my standards for what I am creating or doing?
  • How do I manage all the parts of this project? 

Leslie Martino, homeschool coach and mother of four, will join us in December to share specific tips gleaned from her experience helping her kids and other families learn with projects.

Join us in Brave Learner Home for our December Master Class webinar:

  • Master Class: Project Time with Leslie Martino
  • Thursday, December 9th at 7:00 pm (Eastern)

Brave Learner Home

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