Winter/Spring Class Schedule 2022

Brave Writer Online Classes

Winter and Spring Class Registration!

Opens Monday, December 6, at 12 PM Eastern

Good news!

All the Brave Writer classes that are currently sold out will be open again for you in the winter/spring of 2022.

We have an incredible lineup of online writing classes for you and your kids. 

Parents agree: no one does it like Brave Writer!

“In one course [my son] has moved from being my most writing-resistant child to publicly announcing his love of writing and choosing to do it in his free time.” 

“Brave Writer way is a kinder, gentler, much improved way to learn writing…” 

“I’m always positive about my son’s writing, but it meant so much to him to get feedback from someone other than me. It cheered him up and motivated him to write more, and what more could I want?” 

Plan to join us, if you want a turbo boost of energy for the second half of your homeschool year!

Our classes are PERFECT for your family.

  • Flexibility In our classes, you’ll find
    • Time—no need to type quickly in the text box while a teacher is talking
    • Room—no pressure to jump on the microphone as a live teacher puts you on the spot
    • Freedom—log in to our classroom when it’s YOUR best time
  • Individualized instruction Each student receives feedback tailored to their personality, abilities, and imagination with every assignment
  • Training for parents You’ve chosen to homeschool because you want to support your kids. We’ll teach you how!
  • Instructors who have homeschooled Our Brave Writer team has experience with alternative education and they are professional writers
  • 3-6 week deep dives into writing Our classes are short, so you can devote more time to them. And the entire class is in writing. Writing is the vehicle for learning to write.
  • Workshop-style classrooms We prioritize making our spaces welcoming for all communities, like your favorite local writer’s workshop.

Read more about how our online class program works and why it is truly innovative!

Test drive a class in our sample classroom. Class assignments with real instructor feedback are here!

2022 Winter/Spring Class Schedule

Set your calendar alarm for December 6, at noon ET.
Registering early secures your seat!

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