Why Do We Educate Our Kids?

How Do We Educate Our Kids

Homeschooling is a performance of love between family members over a sustained, daily, intimate period of years, led by a parent who puts relationship ahead of books.

At the heart of it all: relationship.

Why do we educate our kids? So they will build better relationships—with the subjects they study, with the people they meet, with the values they curate. All of it starts with their relationship to you.

What is love in the homeschool?

What is the life-giving relationship they develop with you?

In my experience, I see it like this:

  • Mutual admiration
  • Curiosity about each person’s interests
  • Celebration of what makes that person unique
  • Good meal time conversations
  • Games
  • Generous hugs and kisses and hand holding
  • A laughing out loud sense of humor
  • Patience. Patience. Patience.
  • Respect for each person’s point of view
  • Enjoying each other’s company
  • Letting the little and big things go
  • Freely offered apologies
  • Reading books and watching movies together
  • Believing the best

You do a few of those each day and you’ll find that love blooms between you. There are years where patience is your best method of loving and learning. Remember that when it gets a little tough. Believing the best can help you.

Sending love and heart to you this day!

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