Brave Learner Home: October 2021

How do we get our kids to do what we want them to do? What we need them to do? 

To homeschool well, don’t we need a certain number of problems in math, at least a minimal amount of reading each day, and a bit of writing, so we’ll have papers that show their progress? Let’s throw in piano practice, too!

Why is it so hard to get them to do it?

Getting our kids to meet our expectations feels so important in homeschooling! Yet what we often get from them is their reluctance and resistance—mixed in with our own resentment. This is not how we thought homeschooling would look or feel! 

So let’s flip the script and ask instead: What lies beneath our kids’ behavior? 

The secret to answering that question? Considering your child’s perspective! And that’s a powerful way to transform the daily life of your homeschool. 

Your Child’s Perspective!

In our Brave Learner Home Master Class in October, we’ll read parts of Alfie Kohn’s Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason. This will give us a jumping off point to explore ideas for working with our children rather than doing things to them.

Exploring your child’s perspective will help you understand them better, so they can learn more!

Join us for our October Master Class webinar in Brave Learner Home:

  • Your Child’s Perspective – Webinar with Julie Bogart
  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021 7 pm ET

“How we feel about our kids isn’t as important as how they experience those feelings and how they regard the way we treat them.” ― Alfie Kohn

Check out the ways to sign up for a FREE Lifetime Membership to the Brave Learner Home. Join me for our webinar October 20 to learn more about the power of considering your child’s perspective! 

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