The Hype is Real

Brave Writer

Here’s the next installment of our ongoing series where we share testimonies of some who’ve been transformed by their online class experience with Brave Writer. Enjoy!

Brave Writer parent, Rebekah, writes:

I can NOT recommend the Brave Writer classes enough if you have a reluctant writer.

We signed Zoë up for the Middle School Writing Projects class a few weeks ago. In her intro she said “I hate writing but my mom is making me do this” and last night, after reading feedback from the teacher, she asked “can I take another one of these classes?”

So yes, the hype is real. It worked for us and may be the best money I’ve ever spent.

Does she miraculously now love writing? No, but she has worked hard and I can’t even believe the talent she’s been hiding that I’ve been trying to pull out of her.

Just wanted to share in case you are in the same boat!

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