Essential Skill: A Good Thesis Statement

Brave Writer

Let’s discuss a specific essential skill that Brave Writer can help you tick off your list. It’s the heart of a successful expository essay: a good thesis statement! 

A thesis statement is the risky claim a writer aims to prove in an essay.

A strong thesis statement:

  • Identifies a risky proposition
  • Implies a counter-thesis
  • Clarifies or enlarges a position
  • Surprises the reader
  • Is defendable with science-backed proofs

How do we help students get there?

In one exercise, we help them work through three types of thesis statement for one topic.

  1. Expose a myth
  2. Explode a stereotype
  3. Expand an understanding

Here’s one example from Brave Writer’s Expository Essay: Exploratory & Persuasive online class.

Notice the writing coach’s kind support and gentle instruction for improvement. The yellow portion is the student writing and the white is the writing coach feedback.

Thesis statement example

Throughout the course, your kids are nurtured into better and better writing, while also giving their minds a chance to flex and grow as well!

Want more help with thesis statements?

Brave Writer’s Expository Essay: Exploratory & Persuasive online class offers:

  • Personal instruction from a trained instructor (what we call a writing coach)
  • Detailed explanations about how to write, not just what to write
  • Incremental steps that make crafting an essay a breeze
  • Processes that develop the thinking that goes into the essay format (my favorite part!)
  • Printable guides so your teen can keep writing essays after class is over

This class uses college techniques taught in university with the writing strategies of Brave Writer. The result? A new twist on learning the old ways!


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