Educators, Not Curriculum Implementers

4th R Relationship

Ah the allure of an “open and go” program. It would be so magical if the materials would teach themselves so we could spend more time scrolling through Instagram or organizing the shoe tree. I jest!

When I signed up to be a homeschool parent, I chose this life because I wanted to be the one who saw the lights go on—the first page read, the wide-eyed questions about history, the laughter over limericks. I really really really wanted that, in the same way I wanted to be the one who saw my kids take a first step or say a first word or score a first goal on the lacrosse field.

The HOURS I put into helping my kids achieve those goals? Uncountable. I must have babbled thousands of words at my baby before he finally blurted “nana” and my whole inner being burst into streamers and fireworks. The first time Liam scored a lacrosse goal, I wept. We had tossed that ball stick to stick bazillions of times. No manual could substitute for my body—thrust smack dab into the relationship with my child—talking, moving, practicing, explaining, supporting, nurturing, feeding, washing, admiring, chiding, trying again…

We know this about parenting. Why don’t we know it about education?

‘Open and go’ is to education what a parenting manual handed to a ten year old is to mothering (or fathering). It’s a myth!

Learning comes through the 4th R: Relationship.

Relationships may be improved through what you learn from manuals (same thing for education and curriculum). But the manual or workbook alone doesn’t get the job done, nor do they do so in a way that leads to that sobbing mess you want to be when the lights in their magical minds flip on!

Find tools that are “open and grow”—that help you be a better parent-educator, that show you how to be the best version of yourself in that subject area for your child.

I mean, truth is: I had never played lacrosse. I learned. For my kid.

You’re an educator, not a curriculum implementer. Get it?

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