The system doesn’t create your homeschool. YOU do. Fundamentally, your homeschool thrives when you are fear-free, and you have faith in your own judgment.


What a notion! What might a fear-free homeschool look like?

  • Spending a week watching old Audrey Hepburn movies with your kids and discussing her hat choices.
  • Building the Death Star in LEGO as your entire homeschool plan for the day.
  • Reading a long list of limericks—finding them in books, online. Then trying to write them, making each other laugh until your sides hurt.
  • Taking the month off of math because the current material isn’t sticking yet.
  • Getting lost in one era of history (the Inca!) and staying there until you’ve satisfied everyone’s curiosity and interest.
  • Using a textbook because it’s efficient and helps you.
  • Getting help when you need it because help, helps.
  • Having parties—every kind: birthday, poetry tea, CA Gold Rush, Super Bowl, writing with friends. Turning any lesson into a party because it makes learning a joy.
  • Letting tomorrow take care of itself—being invested in this moment, now, here, with these children.

Fearless, fear-free learning is simply trusting that the work you do today, in whatever way you do it, will get you to the next place and the next and the next all the way to the end.

You’re an education pioneer—putting your faith in learning how to learn while learning with your kids.

Are any of us actually fear-free? I doubt it. But the journey helps us learn to be more and more brave, while we watch our choices land. As you do, your judgment will sharpen and your homeschool will feel more and more like the one you wanted when you started, even if it looks a lot different than you originally imagined.

Keep going! I’m rooting for you.

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