2021-2022 Boomerang and Slingshot Programs

Brave Writer Book Reveal

Here are the titles for the coming academic year for our Boomerang (ages 13-14) and Slingshot (ages 15-18) programs!

2021-2022 BOOMERANG
2021-2022 SLINGSHOT

Here at Brave Writer, we take the selection of these book titles Very Seriously!

All year, we read, discuss, and delight in the year’s latest fiction as well as relishing the classics.

  • We aim for diversity of authorship and protagonists.
  • We incorporate a variety of genres: fantasy to the classics.
  • We carefully orchestrate the sequence of the books.
  • We balance book length against the holiday demands of a given month.
  • We alternate moving, poignant books with silly, lighthearted books.
  • We launch the year with a sure-fire winner and end with a warmhearted one.

Excited for you as your family embarks on an inspired reading journey.

Looking for the book selections for younger kids? Here are the Dart (ages 8-10) and Arrow (ages 11-12) titles!

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