2021 Summer Class Schedule

Brave Writer Online Classes

Are you curious what your summer could look like?

Curiosity—both yours and your kids’—is at the core of a thriving homeschool. 

How can you tap into the curiosity that sparks interest and passion for learning?

Our online class offerings are designed to spark curiosity and embrace your child’s take on the world. All year long!

Summer classes fit the bill when you want to

  • Catch up from a year where you didn’t write enough
  • Keep the momentum going after a solid period of growth
  • Snag the ideal class that you missed out on last semester 
  • Have a deep dive into a favorite subject pre-planned and executed for you

Any way you look at it, summer classes are extremely handy! 

Summer Registration opens June 7th at noon Eastern. 

Summer Schedule

Log in to our sample classroom and see real assignments and instructor feedback!

Want a few pointers on the registration process and picking the best class for your student? Our director of online classes, Kirsten Merryman, takes you on a tour of the registration process. Be ready for June 7th!

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