Brave Learner Home: June 2021

Brave Learner Home

Do you ever feel stuck?

Do you sometimes see your homeschool, yourself, or your kids as not having the momentum or innovation to figure out how to break the logjam?

Are you invested—maybe not always productively invested— in a specific vision of “the way things need to be” or “the way things are”—or even, “the way I am?”  

If your homeschooling has had elements of impasse, let Brave Learner Home help you get unstuck! 

We’re bringing author and clinical psychologist Dr. Diana Hill to Brave Learner Home for our Master Class in June. She’ll help you explore core skills needed to build your psychological flexibility and compassion as a parent and home educator.

Diana and I realized that her Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) practices and my Brave Learner homeschooling and parenting practices are complementary.

In fact, Diana has been homeschooling her kids this year and has seen first-hand how brave learning encourages psychological flexibility and self-compassion—and vice versa! 

She and her co-author have created a program for parents who want to

  • stay present with their kids
  • act in ways that align with their values, even when life is difficult
  • use more effective parenting strategies
  • have greater family cohesion
  • have less spill-over effects of stress onto their kids

Psychological Flexibility and Self-Compassion

We’ve got you covered in Brave Learner Home, with two live webinars as part of our June Master Class! 

  • Fostering Psychological Flexibility Webinar with Dr. Diana Hill
    Thursday, June 10th, 7 pm Eastern
  • Cultivating Compassion Webinar with Dr. Diana Hill
    Thursday, June 24th, 7 pm Eastern

Our June Master Class speaker, Dr. Diana Hill is the co-author of the just-published ACT Daily Journal: Get Unstuck and Live Fully and cohost of the Psychologists Off the Clock podcast.

Dr. Hill and I have appeared on one another’s podcasts, offering listeners a blend of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy practices and Brave Learner practices that can help parents get unstuck!


And join us for not one-but-two Master Class webinars, selected readings, and homeschool coaching to help you reframe and re-vision your homeschool! 

Get unstuck and live fully! 

Brave Learner Home is your new reliable online community and coaching space to provide you the support you crave for a thriving homeschool.

Can’t wait to see you inside!

Brave Learner Home

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