Intuitive Homeschool Planning Tool

Intuitive Homeschool Planning Tool

Introducing a BRAND NEW Brave Writer product just for you

You’re ready to plan next year’s homeschool program and we know you want to be sure your kids ENJOY the year you plan, right?

With that in mind, we’ve created the Intuitive Homeschool Planning Tool.

Plan for the Child You Love!

Do you plan each year on your calendar and then wonder why those plans fall apart?

Do you wish you knew how to bend the core subjects to your child’s personality?

Are you interested in a plan flexible enough to grow, but clear enough to follow?

Good news!

You can plan for the real child you have and love!

The Intuitive Homeschool Planning Tool invites you to connect with your specific child using a variety of creative, strategic processes. You’ll explore your child’s

  • personality
  • passions
  • interests
  • strengths
  • joys

Then you’ll take an inventory of your own personality and strengths, as well as your objectives and vision for the school year.

These will then be blended together to create a tailor-made homeschool plan that fits your specific family.

No more planning for the calendar over the student!


  • Get to know your child as a learner
  • Plan the whole year
  • Include the core subjects that matter to you
  • Identify strategies that bring your student and learning together!

If you purchase this tool, you may also be interested in joining Brave Learner Home where our coaches support you in implementing it. They’re great at brainstorming, offering suggestions, and untangling any confusion.

*Fine Print: These same processes are shared with members of our Brave Learner Home community on our Community Coaching discussion board. We implement the planning tool activities in July (which can be completed with or without this product). This product is the beautifully designed, all-in-one document that you can print and take to a coffee shop, if you’d like!

Can’t wait to see how you plan and to support you in having the homeschool of your dreams!

Intuitive Homeschool Planning Tool

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