You’re Not in a School Classroom

Brave Writer

As you plan ahead, care less about “getting through” and “getting done.” Instead, deep dive, excavate, explore, get curious, find the mystery. That’s the sweet spot of learning.

The temptation to do “all the things” can be strong. Remember: you will feel more peace and make more progress if you simply incorporate one thing at a time.

  • Give yourself permission to use an entire day to play with the math concept.
  • Allow yourself to read three chapters aloud rather than one.
  • Enjoy Poetry Teatime, rather than rushing through it.
  • Immerse yourself in history for a week—no other studies, just websites and documentaries and non-fiction books and games and crafts.

When you allow yourself to immerse in one thing, you will be surprised at how “other” things come into the learning, naturally, without forcing it. When you leave the “one thing” behind, you will find you have fresh energy for the next thing.

You are not in a school classroom. You can bend the structure of learning to your family and your pleasure. That’s one of the joys of home education!

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