Your Whole Life is a Stage for Learning

Stage for Learning

If you’re new to homeschool, this is my reminder to you. Learning oozes out of the defined “school hours” and occurs:

  • in the bathtub,
  • on dog walks,
  • while peeling potatoes,
  • between two ears invisible and silent to you,
  • while watching TV,
  • when sleeping (true story! the time of consolidation happens without conscious awareness),
  • and during family dinners.

Your whole life is the stage for learning. If working on spelling at 9:00 am fails, save it for the afternoon when you head outside and practice spelling words while jumping on the trampoline or throwing a football. If math feels abstract and dull, play a board game. If your kids find reading-to-self a hurdle, set aside 30 minutes to ALL read silently together—with the fireplace lit.

Use your whole house, your whole personality, your whole day. This is what it means to learn at home.

So let learning showing up naturally in your family this week.

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