Delight-Based Learning

Delight-Based Learning

Enchantment is delight-based. Knowing what brings that delight is the result of getting to know your children.

Lots of times parents tell me they created this magical setting (candles and cookies) and the child STILL resisted the lesson. In those moments, ask yourself if you were using candles and cookies to get your child to do X or Y.

True enchantment supports the environment. So if the child resists math, just adding candy or stickers doesn’t necessarily make it more meaningful for the child. What would make math more meaningful would be attending to what the child needs.

  • Some kids simply need a collaborator: you!
  • Some kids may enjoy being cuddled by a blanket.
  • Some need you to make the math itself more relevant.

The goal of enchantment in learning is to whet the appetite so your child will want to out forth the effort it takes to learn. If the child continues to resist, that simply means you haven’t found that sweet spot yet.

Go back to talking with your child, identifying the pain point first. Once a child feels heard and supported, adding a little whimsy goes a long way.

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