Brave Writer Cheat Sheet

Brave Writer Cheat Sheet

All aspects of the Brave Writer program are meant to make writing rewarding and enjoyable for your family. That way your kids will WANT to write. It’s the first step in writing well.  

Here’s how you can keep the positive energy going in all realms of reading and writing.

A handy cheat sheet to everything we have to offer you!

Online Classes

Need someone to take the reins for a bit? Our classes are designed to give your kids writing experience that is fun and our coaches are supportive and friendly. All ages can participate! Find our class options here. 

Language Arts through Literature

Put your workbooks away! The mechanics of language exist within literature. So let’s dive into reading that already appeals to your child, and use THAT to teach them what they need to know. Start with our literature singles, about a month’s worth of instruction. Click here!

Writing Projects

Running out of fairy dust over there? We’ve got stage appropriate writing projects all ready for you! Exercise Brave Writer principles through fun and interactive projects. We’ve got a whole YEAR’s worth in each package! 

Homeschool Support

We know you. We WERE you! Get homeschool support from me and our veteran homeschooling parents, Jeanne, Stephanie, Heather, and Erin in Brave Learner Home! Your purchases may already have qualified you for free lifetime membership! 

Brave Learner Home

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