Natural Enthusiasm

Natural Enthusiasm

Your interests will influence your kids. Even if the topic is home organization or how to fold laundry KonMari style. Even if that topic is caring for African violets or CrossFit. Even if you are wildly into BTS or college football.

Passionate sharing of your interests is a model for how to be interested and how to enjoy that interest and how to grow it! Family culture is formed by this natural enthusiasm for what you love.

An Example

You may be a person who surfs. Your love of surfing makes you care about your community, protecting the ocean from pollutants, and physical health. It leads to learning:

  • geography (great surf spots around the world),
  • history (microcosm of feminism as well as related to ancient cultures and their mastery of navigation),
  • natural science,
  • ecology (properties of surfing waves, the tides, the quality of the water, wave production…)
  • and more!

Give in to the thing. Do it more, not less. See where it takes all of you.

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