Brave Learner Home App!

Brave Learner Home App

Welcome to a new year.

I don’t know about you, but I’m taking a look at how I spend time on social media.

It feels like everywhere I turn online, there’s an ad or an angry conversation that tweaks me.

I leave feeling worse instead of better.

I’m sick of that feeling.

And that’s why I got busy thinking about how we could change that for our homeschooling community.

I tossed our a vision: what if we created our own app?

  • It could be a place to have conversations and watch webinars.
  • It would live on our phones and be ready at a moment’s crisis.
  • It would give our Brave Learner Home members their own show and tell space.
  • It would be free and easy to use.

And so: we hired a developer


Introducing our very own, custom-designed app for Brave Learner Home!

Brave Learner Home App

Now you can participate in our Brave Learner Home community on your phone!

  • Our app is not subject to any Big Tech algorithms,
  • is not designed to be a marketing space (no ads, hallelujah!),
  • and yet is handy on your phone like your other apps.

Brave Learner Home app is available in the Apple App Store or for Android, found on Google Play.

If you’re a member already, download, log in, and start playing!

Connect with friends, watch webinars, download helpful tools—all from your phone, to support your homeschool commitment. Download here!

iPhone or Android

Brave Learner Home apps are free for members.

Not a member yet? Join with our special offer!

Brave Learner Home

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