That Big Decision You Made

Certainly the quote above can apply to homeschool itself, but what about curriculum?

The dilemma is real. Trust your gut and ditch the program or product because your kids “hate” it, or keep going because you invested money and all your friends told you it was great so maybe it is…?

Try a third option.

Take it out of rotation this week. Read the instructions instead. Try the problems or activities yourself, away from the kids. Think about how to introduce the concepts or the activities without the book on the table. In fact, if you can do the practice or the process without announcing it, in front of your children, some may become curious about what you’re doing. There’s nothing more magnetic particularly for kids under 12, than doing what a grown-up is doing.

Before you ditch any program or curriculum:

  • adapt it,
  • test it,
  • get to know it,
  • invite feedback from your kids.

You could say, “I like the goals of this program but I wonder how we could do it so it’s not so annoying.” Give your children a meaningful chance to help you figure out what’s not working and what could be working.

It’s rarely the program that’s the problem. It’s often context, implementation, or a poor understanding of how to use the product. Even math books often come with teachers manuals that include creative ways to implement the lessons.

Park your kids in front of the TV and take an hour to get to know the program. Mull it over this week. Practice a little alone. Adapt it to your particular family. Try try again.

You can do this!

If it still brings tears and you hate it: good riddance! Sell on ebay, and move on. Your first “research and development” experience is complete.

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