Brave Learner Home: November 2020

Playing the Long Game

How do you keep homeschooling going through the days, months, and years?

It can feel like a long slog, I know. Take courage, however. I’ve got some inspiration lined up for you from a dear friend in the trenches.

Join our community in the Brave Learner Home (our online coaching and support group for home educators) for a Master Class on sustaining your homeschool commitment. We’ve invited Leah Boden, creator of Modern Miss Mason and the Charlotte Mason Unboxed course for homeschoolers, to share with us via webinar from her lovely home in Coventry, England!

Leah will provide ten tips to help parents stay the course with peace and passion while protecting our personal well being for the long game as well.

A long-time student and practitioner of the Charlotte Mason method of education, Leah writes, speaks and podcasts about the Charlotte Mason philosophy and is passionate about helping parents find their freedom as they invest in their families. Her work includes insights into childhood, motherhood, and education.

Leah is a speaker and writer for the international Wild + Free homeschooling community, as well as a pastor alongside her husband, Dave, at their church. She and Dave have four homeschooled children.

November Master Class

Homeschooling: Playing the Long Game
Thursday, November 12th at 4:00 pm (Eastern)

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