Kids Need Access

Kids Need Access
Jacob: 4, Johannah: 6, Liam: 2

This hidey hole: brought to you by a scarf from Morocco, a hand-me-down dresser I repainted salmon-colored, a garage sale over-sized pillow and an artificial indoor tree. Result: three happy kids.

Your children don’t care about your house. They don’t care how it looks, or what furniture you bought, or whether the paint color is salmon enough. They don’t think like you think.

What kids want? Access. They want to move stuff around, to find the nooks and crannies that allow them to live their big imaginations.

  • See if math worksheets are more palatable in a blanket fort.
  • See if the reluctant reader would open a book if a reading nook could be fashioned under the stairwell.
  • See if the overwhelmed 4 year old would settle down if she were tucked behind a sectional with a flashlight and her dolls.

Use every inch! Moving furniture creates vision and gets all of us out of ruts. After months trapped inside with each other, consider how to bring novelty to the living space.

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