Your New Homeschool “Perspectacles”

Your New Homeschool "Perspectacles"

You’ve stepped away, decided to try something new, rescue your child from a crushing educational situation.

Now, big breath, drop these school words from your vocabulary:

  • keeping up,
  • falling behind,
  • meeting standards,
  • getting ready to go back to school.

Ditch em, bury em.

Okay, new vocabulary set coming:

  • heal relationships,
  • tune in to my child,
  • engage curiosity,
  • explore interests.

Ready? Got your new homeschool perspectacles on? Now, let’s go…

Consider your child going back to school like being a transfer student. Kids transfer into new schools every day. These kids may be behind in some areas, ahead in others, because no two curriculums for fourth grade are exactly alike.

For instance, your new school might be studying Ancient China and your kid spent last quarter on the American Revolution. So, for your new school, your child is “behind.”

Yet that isn’t a crisis. Schools will do what they do—bring your child up to speed, excuse him from some of the less essential stuff. They fold him in to what’s happening.

It’s a little awkward for a time. But imagine if you spent time helping your child

  • learn how to learn,
  • grow curiosity,
  • express the thoughts that live inside

I think such a child would be well equipped to transfer into her new school, whether it’s a few miles away or at your kitchen table.

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