Writing Coach: Kate Foran

Brave Writer Coach Kate Foran

In a world where so many are now working from home, we wanted to show you OUR working-from-home staff! Isolation or no isolation, our coaches are consistently dedicated to partnering with you on your writing journey with your kids.

The Brave Writer “office” is always open—ready to see behind the scenes?
We’re so lucky that Kate Foran’s lifelong relationship with homeschooling has included Brave Writer! She’s got it all! A former homeschooled student herself, Kate Foran has been

  • a freelance writer,
  • a writing tutor,
  • an administrator for a homeschool group,
  • a presenter in writing workshops,
  • a regular blogger,
  • and a writer of poetry and essays.

Oh, AND she homeschools her daughter. What!? But what made us first fall in love with Kate is her way with words. Dreamy. Her writing just has that secret sauce. She knows what makes writing TICK. You never want to stop reading.

Even her students think so! Listen to this young man’s endorsement of Kate from an Essay Prep online class:

“[Writing] can be fun, without pressure, giving your imagination time to fly and letting your opinion develop. Thanks for allowing the freedom of submitting work without criticizing and red labeling every. little. thing. The feedback was often fun to read, always helpful and inspiring.” –Noah

See our lovely Kate at home in the photo above! She is gearing up to teach another round of our stress-free revision class: Brave Writer 102.

Thank you, Kate, for being a rockstar in our midst!

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