It’s Up to You

It's Up to You

It’s up to you! It’s not up to the school system, it’s not up to your homeschool community, it’s not up to your mother, it’s not up to the books you love. The reason so many of us lose heart is we’ve delegated authority over our choices to someone outside ourselves.

You get to choose:

  • your values,
  • your reasons,
  • and your practices.

Your homeschool is your responsibility and will reflect your thoughtful, fretful, brave choices.

You may be misunderstood, you may be kicked out of your group, you may be told that you have bad motives or that your children may pay a price. In the end, however, you have the right to experiment, to not know yet, to change your mind. Your children will be okay if they know you are operating with integrity and you make room for their feelings and needs, too.

Who are your best friends? They’re the people who understand you and support you. Good friends ask questions and speak with you directly when worried or confused. Good friends do not go silent, block you, gossip about you, or define you according to their beliefs.

You are not a cookie-cutter version of a homeschool belief system. You are the authority who:

  • critically thinks,
  • tests a theory,
  • evaluates results,
  • embraces what works,
  • and boldly discards what doesn’t.

You do you.

Update your choices to better match the unique family that you are.

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